Transparency & Customer Needs Satisfaction are the two principles that make up ATTAC. We skip the embellishments and put our efforts into delivering a world class customer experience.

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ATTAC believes people are NOT your greatest asset, rather they are your greatest VALUE!

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Ensuring that your employees bring their whole selves (Mind, Body, Spirit) in their role as well as the company’s mission, truly propels companies to success. Employees that are not engaged often exhibit poor Morale which leads to higher turnover, increased cost, and decreased production.

ATTAC Group brings with us decades of leadership experience, from the battlefields in the middle east, the offices of some of the largest banks on Wall Street, top recruiting firms, and one of the top manufacturers in the world. We utilize this experience, leading various personality types into teams that work at peak productivity to reinvigorate your company’s workforce. Having these skills in upper management will ensure that all aspects of the business is being executed on an exceedingly high level.

In this everchanging marketplace it becomes even more important to retain top talent and the knowledge that talent possesses. Through ATTAC Mobility we will help create a platform to identify skills and experiences of individual employees as well as create a career plan that aligns with their personal interest. This will provide a way for employees to truly grow professionally and personally, so they continue to live the companies mission outside of the office and keep their knowledge in the company!

With a foundation in Six Sigma Methodologies, our process works to help identify and define key issues while driving to find the root causes. We partner with your management team to find, create, and implement innovative solutions in the operational and transactional space. We provide aggressive change management coaching to ensure lasting and sustainable changes. Our proprietary process is your key to unlocking incredible growth.

Through our proprietary recruiting process, ATTAC Group will work with you to minimize the cost associated with growing your workforce. As efficiency experts we pride ourselves on optimizing your hiring process tomaximize the value. Everything we do revolves around your needs!